Life on Mars – Final Part

Update: If you’re looking for my comments on the final episode of the second and final series, you need to go here instead.

Oooooookaaaay. I’ve been enjoying Life on Mars enormously over the last couple of months, and I was wondering how the series would end. Would Sam wake up back in his original life in 2006, or would he remain stuck in 1973? Well, given the trouble they’ve gone to in creating the series, and its overwhelmingly positive reception, that was a bit of a silly question, really. A second series is in production, and will be shown next year.

For the final episode, all the stops were pulled out, and the whole question of how real it all is was given a serious going over.

Sam meets his dad, who he remembers leaving home when Sam was about four years old. And finds that Dad’s involved in some very shady dealings indeed. Sam tries to protect his dad from Gene Hunt, who thinks he’s behind some very serious crimes. Can Sam change the past? Or is that the future? Or the present? Is that why he’s there? And what is the significance of the memory Sam’s just retrieving? What happened in the woods?

As with the whole series, this closing episode was played brilliantly. The interplay between John Simm and Philip Glenister, the music[1], and the sounds of Sam’s hospital room in 2006 all come together to make something seriously good and worth watching. And re-watching. According to Amazon, the DVD set isn’t due to be released until January 2007. I hope it’s sooner than that..

[1] Bowie’s Life on Mars makes a return appearance

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