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Another weekend, and more work

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! :bouncy:

But guess what? I’m working tomorrow. :cry:

Yes, more of that reimaging stuff – this time in sunny Teesside. Not straight away, of course. First we[1] have to go into Newcastle so I can do mysterious things to some servers[3] and we can pick up some bits and pieces we need to take with us.

Should be a reasonably quick job this time…

[1] My staff[2] and I
[2] All of him
[3] Service packs. Not very entertaining, but has to be done out of hours…

Who ordered rain?

This morning’s weight was down a wee bit to 207.2 pounds (14 stone 11.2 pounds, 94.0kg), which isn’t too bad. Now if I could just get myself back on the exercise bike, I’m sure I could get that down a lot further. But the motivation and the energy are still eluding me.

And it’s a nice[1] wet morning. Looks like it might just be a bit of drizzle, in which case I’ll walk to work as normal, but if it’s heavier, I might have to get the bus, mutter.

[1] Not

Oooooooh, nice

I might have mentioned that I’m quite fond of good chocolate once or twice before[1]. And I know I’ve mentioned those nice Hotel Chocolat people on a few occasions. Quite apart from the monthly deliveries from their completely wonderful Chocolate Tasting Club, I occasionally buy some of their other products. The latest thing I’ve tried are their Cooking Chocolate Marbles. OK, ignore the “cooking” bit. If you did want to use chocolate for cooking, these would probably be ideal – small spheres of 70% cocoa dark chocolate which should be easy to melt for whatever you wanted to use them for. They’d probably be really good when melted into hot milk to make a seriously good hot chocolate drink. But the best way to appreciate these is to pop one in your mouth and let it sloooooowly melt. Oh. Wow. No fancy flavours, no additives, very basic packaging, great chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat are opening a chain of stores around the UK. No sign of one near me so far, but I’d be surprised if they don’t make an appearance at Eldon Square or the MetroCentre before too long.

[1] Understatement :laugh:

Getting back to the old routine

It seems like ages since I was last at my usual place of work, even though it was just a little over a week. Must be all the travelling and hotel living or something. Anyway, I walked to work this morning, complete with moderately heavy bag[1]. And walking up Dean Street doesn’t get any easier, puff, pant, etc. The walk home was a bit easier, as the bag stayed in the office. Not being quite back to normal, I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I did manage to do it when I got home. The figure you’ve all[2] been waiting for was 207.6 pounds (14 stone 11.6 pounds, 94.2kg). Not too bad, but it needs to improve. Mutter.

[1] Latop, cables, bits, pieces, etc
[2] :rolleyes:

New toys!

I’ve been using a Dell Latitude D410 as my work computer for a while now. It’s a nice small latop – easy to carry around when I’m travelling, but powerful enough to do the job. The only drawback is that the 12″ screen can be a bit small when doing some jobs. For instance, I spend a lot of time running remote control sessions onto other people’s computers. If they have a big screen, I have to scroll around all over the place to see the whole thing. Now I suppose I could have changed to a bigger laptop, but I like having one that’s really portable, so I decided to try something different. And here it is.

A bit bigger

My laptop now sits in a new stand – the existing port replicator clips into this, and the stand was a fairly low-cost option. And on top of that, I have a good quality 17″ TFT screen. This works in 1280 x 1024 resolution, which means I can see a lot more of what I’m doing and it’s easier on my eyes. It also has some handy USB ports, which makes getting to my 1GB memory stick a wee bit easier.

Not only that, but it provides a good parking area for my CD-RW/DVD drive and external speakers. So I have a bigger screen and more desk space. :cool:

Nothing on TV again?

When I was in a Leeds hotel the other night, I had a quick look at the information pages on the TV. I was a bit worried when this appeared after I selected the option to check my account.

Room 404?

Had to turn the TV off and on again before it would show anything at all after that.

You can’t get away from it!

At the end of my recent London trip, I decided to walk from my hotel to the station. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and the exercise seemed like a good idea. Anyway, I’d just innocently[1] turned onto the Tottenham Court Road, when I looked up and saw it!!

The Abode of Evil

Barad Dur! The Dark Tower!! The centre of all evil!!! Or the BT Tower as its dread denizens prefer to call it. It was peering over the top of this building, watching me.

I tell you, it doesn’t matter where you go in London, that thing is always there. I think it moves around….

[1] Hi Twisty!!

We apologise for the loss of service

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? What with one thing (London) and another (Leeds), today is the first time I’ve had a chance to write any nonsense here for over a week. The good news is that I don’t have much travelling lined up now, but you never know, that might change.

I may post a report about my recent activities at some point, otherwise watch out for the usual exciting mix of, oh sorry, I must be thinking of another site altogether. :duh:

Anyway, some reviews of books and DVDs should be along soon. But probably not today.

Not so bad

Once again, today’s weight is an early evening figure. And it’s down nicely from yesterday to 208.0 pounds (14 stone 12 pounds, 94.3kg). There won’t be any weight reports for the next few days as I’m off to London in the morning.

There may be some other posts over the next few days, depending on how busy I am, and whether I find enough tuits.

Spring has sprung

Well, not really. I’m told that Spring “officially” started yesterday. If that’s the case, I think someone isn’t doing their job properly. It’s ever so slightly chilly. Again. Apparently there’s a large area of low pressure lurking over Scandinavia, which is sending cold winds this way, and is probably responsible for this morning’s light snow fall.

All together now, in your best Monty Python voices: