Yes, it has been a bit quiet lately

Regular readers[1] might be wondering why Losing it[1] has been so lacking in new material lately. Well, it’s a motivation thingy. Or something like that, anyway.

Those of you who take notice of the weight reports will be aware that things haven’t been going to plan in that area lately, and my weight has indeed been creeping up. I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to exercise, and I’ve even been taking the bus to work more often. And I’ve been failing to resist the sausage rolls at lunchtime.

Tut, tut, tsk, tsk, and all that.

Well, I’ve decided to take a break from worrying about it. Rather than reporting my weight every day and getting frustrated with my lack of progress, I’m going to relax for a bit. I’ll probably still weigh myself most days, but I may not be reporting here about it all that often. Well, until the motivation fairy flutters back and I feel more like doing something about it.

Losing it[1] will not be going away – I’ll be reviewing books, movies and music in the usual way, and posting any other odd things that come to mind, but quite likely not every day for the time being.

I have some other things to work on – as I mentioned, I’m attempting to kick-start my brain into doing some more writing[2], and I’ve actually signed up for the correspondence course, which arrived today.

First step is to write a profile of myself so they can allocate me to a suitable tutor.[3] Assuming I do progress at all, I’ll mention what happens here.

Stay tuned. I have at least one DVD review to do. Soon. No really. Just as soon as I get round to it…

[1] All of you :lol:
[2] In a more organised way than I do here
[3] If I mention this site, they’ll probably all run screaming :tongue:

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