Another lazy Sunday

It’s been a pleasantly relaxed day. Did some reading this morning[1], then took the first faltering step on my writing course: writing and submitting a profile of myself. Not an easy task, but I managed around 600 words on me, writing and the like. The idea is that they’ll read it and use what I’ve said to match me with a suitable tutor. While I’m waiting to hear about that, I’ll start work on the first module of the course, which is about article writing.

Other than that, I’ve done remarkably little, and I seem to have finished a bottle of the divine Wolf Blass Yellow Label.

Back to work tomorrow. I should be able to get on with some serious stuff, as Aaron[2] will be back after his training course last week.

[1] A good chunk of the latest Gardner Dozois “Best New SF” collection
[2] My staff[3]
[3] All of him