Daily Archives: Wednesday, 8th Mar 2006


Yes, yes. I’m still way behind with posts here on Losing it[1]. But I am working on it. I’m getting ready to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, which involves a lot of testing, tweaking, breaking, fixing, testing, head-scratching, muttering, testing and other such fun. I love it! :bouncy:

This has all been made a bit easier by running a copy of my site on my home PC, using a nifty little package called Webserver on a stick[1]. It’s intended for running of a USB memory stick, so you can take a working website anywhere, and run it on any PC without having to install and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL. I’ve tried that, and it works very well, but it’s just as effective running from a hard disk, which is how I’m doing it here. There’s a nice little guide to setting it up, written by the ever-helpful Podz, who makes huge contributions to the WordPress community, not least on the Support Forums.

Anyway, I digress. The site uses quite a lot of plugins to extend WordPress, and I’ve been having fun updating some that need new versions for WordPress 2, tweaking some others, and replacing one or two that don’t play nicely with others. Which led me to having to do a bit of manual editing of the MySQL database where all this guff actually lives. Woo hoo, I can write (simple) SQL queries. Without breaking anything! :cool:

I’ve also started rearranging a few bits and pieces on the page[2], and I’ll be giving the design a slight tweak or two when I do the upgrade. When will it all happen? Errr, well. More playing to do first, and rumour has it there’s about to be a new new version, so I’ll probably wait for that rather than update than have to update again a couple of days later.

Stand by for more news as it happens, and all that kind of thing.

[1] I’m getting a Pythonesque mental image here. A bit of my brain keeps shouting “Albatross!”
[2] Like those adverts at the top of the page. I hope they’re not too intrusive, but they are for things that I use myself, and not random stuff to make money. Well, they might make me some money if I’m lucky…