Still on target

This morning’s weight was higher than Saturday’s low at 209.0 pounds (14 stone 13 pounds, 94.8kg), but that’s not so bad after a relaxed weekend, which may have involved a bottle of wine on Saturday evening.

The weather’s been a bit nasty since Saturday. For most of Saturday, there was this slightly odd snow storm – possibly the smallest flakes I’ve ever seen, but none of them actually seemed interested in settling on the ground. But when I woke up on Sunday morning, the snow had settled into a moderately thin layer. Then most of that melted by early afternoon.

Then the temperature dropped. So this morning, the remaining snow had frozen into nasty hard slippery ice. But I didn’t let that stop me walking to work. I had another chilly walk at lunchtime, and I kept up the “sarnie only” routine. Well, I did have a banananananana as well, but I think that’s OK.

Finally, I walked home again. Even though it was trying to snow on me again.