More travel ahead

After a few more or less normal weeks at work, it’s back to moving around. On Wednesday, I’m off to London for the first time in quite a while. I’ll be doing all the usual work, setting up some new computers, and preparing for the weekend work. Yes, I’m working next weekend. In London. We’re going to be reimaging[1] all the computers in the office, which shouldn’t take too long, but really needs to be done out of hours. The long bit will be reinstalling the odd bits of software that people have, and fixing the inevitable problems that arise from any major change.

But I’ll be coming home on Sunday, leaving a colleague to do the mopping up. :grin:

Then on Monday, I’m going to Leeds. Partly for a meeting, and partly to cover the office on Tuesday. I’ll be coming home on Tuesday evening, and having a day off on Wednesday. I think I’ll need it. :???:

More work the following weekend, but that should be a quick job. I hope. But at least it’s local.

New entries on Losing it[1] will probably be sporadic over the next week or two, but I’ll try to catch up when I can.

[1] Non-technical version: getting them all on to a standard installation of Windows and Office, so that technical support will be a much less painful experience in future. And so that anyone can log on to any PC without having to worry about their settings getting mangled.