Oooooooh, nice

I might have mentioned that I’m quite fond of good chocolate once or twice before[1]. And I know I’ve mentioned those nice Hotel Chocolat people on a few occasions. Quite apart from the monthly deliveries from their completely wonderful Chocolate Tasting Club, I occasionally buy some of their other products. The latest thing I’ve tried are their Cooking Chocolate Marbles. OK, ignore the “cooking” bit. If you did want to use chocolate for cooking, these would probably be ideal – small spheres of 70% cocoa dark chocolate which should be easy to melt for whatever you wanted to use them for. They’d probably be really good when melted into hot milk to make a seriously good hot chocolate drink. But the best way to appreciate these is to pop one in your mouth and let it sloooooowly melt. Oh. Wow. No fancy flavours, no additives, very basic packaging, great chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat are opening a chain of stores around the UK. No sign of one near me so far, but I’d be surprised if they don’t make an appearance at Eldon Square or the MetroCentre before too long.

[1] Understatement :laugh: