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Bother. Up again

Yes, well. Lazy Saturday and all that. A slight rise this morning to 209.8 pounds (14 stone 13.8 pounds, 95.2kg). Today has also been a relaxed day. I’ll try and do something more active tomorrow.

I’ve got a week off, and I’m aiming to have at least one day out with my camera. I’m thinking about Edinburgh, as I haven’t been there for quite a few years. Apparently I can get a good rail fare by buying two single tickets[1] rather than a return.[2]

[1] Some bizarre combination of “Bargain Ticket X” and “Super Bargain Ticket Petunia” or whatever[3]
[2] There is a theory that the current mind-bogglingly complicated system of ticket prices is designed to confuse the travelling public. In fact, that’s the only rational explanation I can think of.
[3] It gets more complicated by the day…

Could be worse…

Saturday’s weight was down a wee bit to 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg). Now if I could just get the exercise motivation thing going, I’m sure I could get that down again in no time…

Should have had more walks

Obviously, that long walk wasn’t long enough. Either that, or the dinner on the train last night was heavier than expected[1]. Anyway, this morning’s weight figure was 210.6 pounds (15 stone 0.6 pounds, 95.5kg) :eek2:

Now I’ve got to get myself back into the exercise routine again. I’ve got next week off work :bouncy: , so I should have plenty of time for it.[2]

[1] Due to a supplier problem, they had a limited choice: I had the sausages and mash rather than the sausages and mash. :???: Very nice sausages, as it happens, but not quite what I was hoping for.
[2] Watch out for some really plausible excuses at a website near you! :wave:

Trip report – London

Yes, I’m back. Two days of the London trip were much the same as usual[1], but the second day was set aside for a visit to the InfoSecurity show at Olympia. As I had all day set aside, and it was a lovely morning, I decided that rather than spend 20 minutes or so in the depths of the earth[2], I’d have a walk. This decision was made easy by the fact that the easiest route from my hotel to the venue led through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, past the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial. Now I’d only been in that vicinity once before, when Albert was being restored and was all covered up. Having seen something about the restoration on a TV documentary some years ago, I wanted to have a look for myself. And wow. What a glorious thing it is. Over the top Victorian design at its wonderful, indulgent best. I took a few pictures, which you can see at the end of this post.

Then I went to the show, sat in on some moderately interesting presentations, and decided to walk back again. On the way, I popped into the Kensington branch of Hotel Chocolat – they’re expanding from a mail and web business into a chain of very nice shops. The shop stocks pretty much the same selection as the website, but with some nice little sample packs containing particular varieties of their excellent chocolates. Good for trying something, or for getting more of a chocolate that you really like without buying a big box to get it. I’ve got a pack of their excellent Chilli Truffles. :bouncy:

Then it was back to the hotel before meeting a friend[3] for a wee drinkie and a meal, before getting another early night. Full day at the office yesterday, then I came home.

[1] Day 1: Train, breakfast, office, work, hotel, eat, sleep. Day 3: Breakfast, office, work, train, eat, home
[2] The Tube: while it’s essential to the smooth running[3] of London, it’s hot, crowded and vaguely unpleasant, and I prefer to avoid it whenever I can.
[3] Hi Martin!

Watch that go up

My weight, that is. Just before setting off for London[1], my weight was 208.4 pounds (14 stone 12.4 pounds, 94.5kg).

[1] Which will involve food, drink, etc…

Off again

Today’s weight was 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg). No change there, then. I was contemplating doing something on the old exercise bike this evening, but I seem to have developed a severe case of tiredness. I’ll be going to bed early anyway, as I’ve got an early start tomorrow.

There may or may not be any updates over the next few days, depending on time, availability of internet access in the hotel, etc.

Another relaxed weekend

This morning’s weight was up to 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg), which isn’t surprising after a lazy Saturday. I did think about doing some exercise today, but didn’t get round to it what with one thing and another.

I’ve got a London trip coming up, so I probably won’t get much exercise over the next week or so, either.

Doctor Who – Tooth and Claw

Last night saw the second episode in the second series of the revived Doctor Who, and what a fine episode it was!

The story opens with a group of monks led by the distinctly sinister Father Angelo arriving at a remote Scottish country house and announcing their intention to take it over. When met with some resistance by the staff, the monks turn out to be the rather violent martial arts kind of monks, who proceed to overpower the household.

We then cut to the Doctor and Rose, who are about to land the Tardis in 1979 for an Ian Dury and the Blockheads concert[1]. As so often happens, the time and place aren’t quite right, and they land in 1879. In Scotland. They are confronted by soldiers escorting Queen Victoria’s coach, which is taking her to a country house[2] for the night, the Royal train having been stopped by a fallen tree on the line.

The Doctor introduces himself as Doctor James McCrimmon[3], adopting a suitable Scottish accent[4]. Rose, on being introduced to Her Majesty starts a running routine of trying to get her to say “We are not amused”[5]. Everyone heads for the house, where they are greeted by Sir Robert, who makes a half-hearted attempt to persuade them to go elsewhere.

Rose goes to find some more suitable clothing, but is captured by some of the monks, who are posing as the household staff. She’s taken to the cellar where she is chained up with the real staff and the lady of the house. The monks bring in a covered cage, which is soon uncovered to reveal a strange looking monk.

And then things start to get interesting. There’s a really nice[6] werewolf, lots of terror, death, destruction and peril, not to mention a plot to take over the monarchy and start the Empire of the Wolf. The solution turns out to be some delightfully unlikely Victorian technology, and some creative use of a gemstone.[7]

After all the excitement, Queen Victoria makes the Doctor a Knight and Rose a Dame, then, telling them that she is definitely not amused, banishes them. She recognises that the Doctor can’t be human, and doesn’t want him around. Inspired by the device that dealt with the werewolf, she determines to set up an Institute to prepare for any future return of the Doctor. She decides to name it after the house – Torchwood[8]

It was all great fun – lots of scary stuff, some nicely silly stuff, some hints of what’s to come, and all fitting together nicely.

And next week, we have the episode a lot of fans have been waiting for: the one with Sarah Jane Smith and K9! :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

[1] Rose concludes that the Doctor is, in fact, a punk. :grin:
[2] Yes, of course it’s that one…
[3] Another nod in the direction of the original series – Jamie McCrimmon was a highlander who accompanied the second Doctor back in the 1960s.
[4] Not a major problem for David Tennant, who just stopped using the accent he normally puts on for the Doctor
[5] Which she is famous for saying, so almost certainly never really did
[6] Well, quite nasty, actually, but you know what I mean
[7] I like to give enough information to make you want to watch, but not enough to give it all away :laugh:
[8] Yes, Torchwood – which we’ll learn a lot more about as the year goes on. And if you watched The Christmas Invasion, you’ll be aware that Torchwood can do some clever stuff. And now we know where they got the idea from…

Time for a break

Today’s weight was 208.4 pounds (14 stone 12.4 pounds, 94.5kg). Nothing exciting there, then.

After four nights of exercising, I’m going to take a break for a few days. Don’t want to overdo it and put myself off it again…