Daily Archives: Saturday, 1st Apr 2006

Where did that come from?

Saturday’s far too early in the morning weight was a quite alarming 210.2 pounds (15 stone 0.2 pounds, 95.3kg). Ewwww, etc. That will be down to Friday night’s chips, most likely.

Did I mention that I had an early start? Well, early for a Saturday, anyway. Off to work to do things to servers[1]. That was all done by 10:30, and then off we[2] went to Teesside to do other things to computers. This was much the same exercise we did in London last weekend, but in a smaller office. And being a smaller office, it was naturally a slower job. So much so that it became clear that we couldn’t get it all done in one day. Well, we could have tried, but we didn’t fancy working well past the point at which brains become scrambled, tempers fray and mistakes are made. So we left.

Relaxation was required, and I may have had a bottle of the rather nice Wolf Blass Yellow Label while watching the first part of the latest Red Dwarf DVD. I may also have fallen asleep in my chair….

[1] Technical details omitted to keep the audience awake
[2] My staff[3] and me
[3] All of him[4]
[4] He was driving