Monday: the fifth day of the week

Well, that’s how it feels. My day off last Wednesday is fading into the darkest depths of that thingy[1] I use for a wossname.[2] It started with a moderate weight improvement: 208.0 pounds (14 stone 12 pounds, 94.3kg) and a slightly early start. It looked like a lovely Spring day: clear blue sky, sunshine, that kind of thing. It was, however, a wee bit nippy[3]. And it rained on me at lunchtime. And on the way home. Mutter. And I was very tired by home time.

[1] Err, thing with holes in. Umm, sieve! That’s it!
[2] Can’t quite remember what it’s called, but I’m sure it’ll come to me when I’m trying to think of something else
[3] Chilly, even.