I think I need my clock resetting

It’s well over a week since the clocks went forward in the UK. It happened when I was in London[1], actually. For some reason, my brain doesn’t seem to have adjusted yet. Or at least, I think it hasn’t. I keep waking up at least an hour early, and I’m getting really :sleepy: tired much earlier than normal in the evenings. Now either I’ll adjust eventually, or it’s just a sign that I’m getting old :eek2:

Anyway, this morning’s weight was only a smidgen[2] up at 206.4 pounds (14 stone 10.4 pounds, 93.6kg). It was another bright, sunny and cold morning for my walk to work. And another busy day…

[1] The hotel left a little note in my room to remind me
[2] Nice word, that