A late Christmas Party

What with one thing and another, the first date we could get everyone together for the accounts and IT Christmas party was yesterday. Still, it was nice to have a night out at a time of year when people aren’t partied out.

We[1] took an afternoon train to Leeds, popped into the office to see a colleague, then checked into the Leeds Novotel, which is becoming home from home[3]. After unpacking, showering and changing, we met the rest of the crew at an excessively loud bar before getting taxis to a rather nice Chinese restaurant, where we had a rather good banquet with a glass[4] or two of wine[5]. We may have gone to some more loud bars after that (I didn’t drink in those), before a wee drinkie in the hotel bar.

Getting home was, err, entertaining. The train journey was slooooooooow, partly due to engineering works causing a detour, and partly due to Virgin trains having an odd weekend timetable which involves the train sitting at Darlington for half an hour after arriving half an hour later than normal thanks to the detour. Weird.

Walked home from the station, which involved getting seriously rained on. Really heavy rain, which mutated into sleet and then remarkably heavy snow after I got home. But that stopped within an hour, so my trip to Tesco’s was in much nicer weather.

[1] My staff[2] and I
[2] All of him
[3] It was my tenth night there this year, and Aaron’s been there more than that…
[4] Bottle. :tongue:
[5] Penfold’s Rawsons Retreat, which is nicely gluggable

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