More minor tweakage

The more observant regular[1] readers of Losing it[1] will have noticed that I’ve been tweaking the design a bit lately. I dropped the pretty, but slow to load image headline thingies, changed some colours here and there, added a bit of advertising[2], changed the text to left-aligned rather than justified, and generally given the place a spring clean.

Today’s change is something I experimented with a while ago, but which didn’t work with those graphics I was using for the titles of each entry. But now I’m not doing that, I thought I’d give it another try. It’s based on ideas in the popular Connections Travelogue theme, with the styling thumped a bit to fit into my design.[3] Oh, and the code thumped a bit more to make it show the time as well as the date. Assuming it’s still there when you read this, I’m referring to the calendar page style thingies showing the time and date of each entry. If I’ve removed them by the time you read this, rest assured they looked very nice. :tongue:

[1] :lol:
[2] I don’t seriously expect this to make me any real money, but I thought I’d give it a try for a few months at least
[3] Such as it is

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