Daily Archives: Wednesday, 12th Apr 2006

As expected

Well, I did have a nice evening out on Tuesday. Chinese food, drinkies, that kind of thing, so I’m not at all perturbed to see that my weight was up to 209.8 pounds (14 stone 13.8 pounds, 95.2kg) this evening. Temporary blip, etc, etc. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s been a busy week at work so far, with people trying to get me on three phones at once a few times (I make it a principle to only speak on one phone at a time, as otherwise I get very confused). Still, only one more day then it’s the four-day Easter weekend, woo hoo. :bouncy:

Blue sky

And after all the rain, snow, hail, sleet, falls of fish and frogs[1], Monday morning was bright and sunny. Still a bit chilly, but everything was glowing in the morning light. I see this view of the Newcastle skyline every day, but I rarely pause to look. This time, I was inspired to point my phone in its general direction and got this image, which I quite like.

Blue Sky

[1] OK, I may have made that bit up

Hello Clouds

After last Saturday‘s entertaining weather, I saw these clouds while waiting for a bus. I rather liked the way the low sun brought out odd highlights, and made them look more like smoke from some mysterious factory or power plant just behind the visible buildings. Or maybe that’s just me. :???:


Or maybe I’m just using this as a test post for Ajay’s Open Picture Window plugin. It’s remarkably similar to his earlier Open Browser Window plugin, except it gives the popup window a proper title, which is much nicer[1]. Picture taken with my Nokia N-70, as I never seem to have my camera with me…

Pictures are now handled natively by WordPress, so this plugin is no longer in use

[1] Except I’m now changing all image posts to use Gallery2, so I only have to look in one place for the pictures.