Coming Soon!!

I’ve mentioned this in vague terms in the sidebar thingy, but I thought that if I go into a bit more detail here, it will encourage me to get on with it. :laugh:

As you might have noticed, I sometimes include photographs in my posts. I’d like to do this more often, and keep fiddling around with the way I do it. At the moment, I use a combination of two plugins for inserting images – they create nice thumbnails that go into the post, and pop-up windows with a larger image. Not bad for a couple of images, but a bit slow and tedious if there are a lot of them. So I’ve been thinking of using a gallery application to manage my photos. One of the best-known is Gallery2, which I’ve experimented with in the past. What made it interesting was that a plugin was available to integrate Gallery with WordPress. But the last time I looked, integration was slightly flaky[1], but now some time has passed. WordPress is up to version 2.0.2, Gallery to 2.1 and the WPG2 plugin has also moved to a new version. I’ve been playing with it on my test site at home, and waddaya know, it works. Perfectly. No trouble at all. Album pages and images appear as part of my WordPress layout without any oddness at all.

So, at some point in the next week or so[2], I’ll be adding Gallery 2 to this site. Exisiting photo pages may or may not be updated. We shall see…

After about four years, I moved all the images out of Gallery 2 and into WordPress’s native galleries

[1] I can’t recall what the exact problems were, but it was enough to put me off at the time
[2] Probably sooner, but I hate giving myself deadlines