Daily Archives: Sunday, 16th Apr 2006

Are they trying to tell me something?

More observant readers will have noticed that I’ve added Google adverts to the site. I looked into this a while ago, but at the time they were only paying by US Dollar cheques, which would have been awkward and possibly expensive to cash in the UK, so I decided not to bother. But times have changed, things have moved on, and they can now pay by bank credit into UK accounts. Cool. They don’t pay out until I earn $100, so I don’t expect to make a lot of money[1], but hey, every little helps…

They aim to match the ads to the content of the pages they’re on, and for some of my pages, this seems to be working nicely. I’m just a bit concerned that the ads on the front page all seem to be for chocolate[2]. Are Google suggesting I’m a chocoholic?!? :eek2:

Oh, and thanks to anyone who clicks on the ads!

[1] At current rates, I think I can expect my first payment some time in 2012 or so :lol:
[2] Including those lovely Hotel Chocolat people, who I might have mentioned before

Department of good investments

Back in January, I mentioned that the Wolf Blass 2003 President’s Selection Shiraz was coming along nicely. As more than two months have passed, I thought it was time to sample another bottle. And ooooooooooh, yes, it’s getting better and better. Smooth, spicy, rich and powerful. And I still have three bottles left. I plan to wait another two or three months before I open another one.

At the price I paid at the time, this was a serious bargain. :smile:

Blame the hot cross buns

Well, I managed to forget to weigh myself yesterday, which was a nicely relaxed day[1]. So it’s not altogether surprising that today’s weight was up to 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg).

[1] As a DJ on 6Music put it, it was a Saturday that felt like a Sunday. After the long haul from Christmas, and some weekend working, four days of doing remarkably little seems like a very Good Thing indeed

Well, that was easy…

My previous experience of trying to persuade Gallery 2 and WordPress to play nicely with the aid of the WPG2 v1 plugin was a, err, less than satisfactory experience. But in the open source world, things can move quickly. All three elements have been upgraded by their respective developers, and the whole thing is now a much more pleasant and satisfactory process. I was able to test the integration using my local copy of Losing it[1] running with Webserver on a Stick, which I highly recommend. This all went very well, so I went ahead and installed Gallery 2 on the live site. You can see the results so far here. I’ll be adding captions and descriptions to the pictures over the next few weeks.

I’ll also be editing some of the old gallery (as opposed to Gallery :tongue: ) posts so they link in to Gallery. I might even get round to taking more photographs in future…