Are they trying to tell me something?

More observant readers will have noticed that I’ve added Google adverts to the site. I looked into this a while ago, but at the time they were only paying by US Dollar cheques, which would have been awkward and possibly expensive to cash in the UK, so I decided not to bother. But times have changed, things have moved on, and they can now pay by bank credit into UK accounts. Cool. They don’t pay out until I earn $100, so I don’t expect to make a lot of money[1], but hey, every little helps…

They aim to match the ads to the content of the pages they’re on, and for some of my pages, this seems to be working nicely. I’m just a bit concerned that the ads on the front page all seem to be for chocolate[2]. Are Google suggesting I’m a chocoholic?!? :eek2:

Oh, and thanks to anyone who clicks on the ads!

[1] At current rates, I think I can expect my first payment some time in 2012 or so :lol:
[2] Including those lovely Hotel Chocolat people, who I might have mentioned before