Trip report – London

Yes, I’m back. Two days of the London trip were much the same as usual[1], but the second day was set aside for a visit to the InfoSecurity show at Olympia. As I had all day set aside, and it was a lovely morning, I decided that rather than spend 20 minutes or so in the depths of the earth[2], I’d have a walk. This decision was made easy by the fact that the easiest route from my hotel to the venue led through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, past the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial. Now I’d only been in that vicinity once before, when Albert was being restored and was all covered up. Having seen something about the restoration on a TV documentary some years ago, I wanted to have a look for myself. And wow. What a glorious thing it is. Over the top Victorian design at its wonderful, indulgent best. I took a few pictures, which you can see at the end of this post.

Then I went to the show, sat in on some moderately interesting presentations, and decided to walk back again. On the way, I popped into the Kensington branch of Hotel Chocolat – they’re expanding from a mail and web business into a chain of very nice shops. The shop stocks pretty much the same selection as the website, but with some nice little sample packs containing particular varieties of their excellent chocolates. Good for trying something, or for getting more of a chocolate that you really like without buying a big box to get it. I’ve got a pack of their excellent Chilli Truffles. :bouncy:

Then it was back to the hotel before meeting a friend[3] for a wee drinkie and a meal, before getting another early night. Full day at the office yesterday, then I came home.

[1] Day 1: Train, breakfast, office, work, hotel, eat, sleep. Day 3: Breakfast, office, work, train, eat, home
[2] The Tube: while it’s essential to the smooth running[3] of London, it’s hot, crowded and vaguely unpleasant, and I prefer to avoid it whenever I can.
[3] Hi Martin!

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