Daily Archives: Sunday, 30th Apr 2006

Bother. Up again

Yes, well. Lazy Saturday and all that. A slight rise this morning to 209.8 pounds (14 stone 13.8 pounds, 95.2kg). Today has also been a relaxed day. I’ll try and do something more active tomorrow.

I’ve got a week off, and I’m aiming to have at least one day out with my camera. I’m thinking about Edinburgh, as I haven’t been there for quite a few years. Apparently I can get a good rail fare by buying two single tickets[1] rather than a return.[2]

[1] Some bizarre combination of “Bargain Ticket X” and “Super Bargain Ticket Petunia” or whatever[3]
[2] There is a theory that the current mind-bogglingly complicated system of ticket prices is designed to confuse the travelling public. In fact, that’s the only rational explanation I can think of.
[3] It gets more complicated by the day…