Photoshop Fun

Since installing Gallery2, I’ve been taking a closer look at my photographs, and wondering if I can improve them a bit[1]. For the last, err, mumble, err, many, my photo tweaking application of choice has been Paint Shop Pro. It’s always been good value for money, and does lots of clever stuff. But as I’ve been reading things, I began to wonder if I should give Photoshop a go. So, I downloaded a 30 day trial[2] and installed the beast.

My first little job was to see if I could remove my shadow from this picture:


After some fiddling with the clone thingy tool, I decided to tweak it more by straightening the horizon and making the sky a bit darker. Not too bad for a first effort. More playing may follow.


[1] Note: arbitrary rules apply. I’m sure someone with the appropriate skills could do it easily, but I need to learn to do it for myself.
[2] Long enough for a reasonable play

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