Daily Archives: Tuesday, 2nd May 2006

Doctor Who – Series 2 DVD 1

I’m not actually recommending this release. It’s a basic DVD containing The Christmas Invasion and New Earth. No extras, no fancy 5.1 sound mix. You’ll have to wait for the box set for that.

But for anyone who missed the Christmas episode, this does give you a chance to catch up. Just so long as you know you’ll need to buy the box set as well. :smile:


Ok, this morning’s weight was slightly down to 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg). Didn’t do a lot today – just a brief trip to the MetroCentre. Then I started feeling a bit rough. Just vaguely achy, nothing actually serious. But I’d rather not be feeling like that on my time!

I hope I feel better in the morning – I’ve booked train tickets[1] to Edinburgh for a day out. Assuming I make it to the train, watch out for a report soon…

[1] Of the discounted, non-refundable type[2]
[2] About half the price of a normal return ticket