Doctor Who – Series 2 DVD 1

I’m not actually recommending this release. It’s a basic DVD containing The Christmas Invasion and New Earth. No extras, no fancy 5.1 sound mix. You’ll have to wait for the box set for that.

But for anyone who missed the Christmas episode, this does give you a chance to catch up. Just so long as you know you’ll need to buy the box set as well. :smile:

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Series 2 DVD 1

  1. Les Post author

    They did the same thing last year, more or less. Quick and dirty releases for the more casual purchasers[1], then a proper release for the fans later in the year. Apparently these basic ones sold well last year – and the price isn’t too bad, really…

    [1] Or fans without BBC3 and/or DVD recorders :lol:

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