All that walking had an effect

Yes, it seems that walking around Edinburgh yesterday did something for me. This morning’s weight was 206.6 pounds (14 stone 10.6 pounds, 93.7kg). Must have been the hills, or something. That and the fact it was the most walking I’ve done in, err, well, quite a long time.

My aching legs recovered by this morning, but I still ended up having a quiet day in. This morning I was engrossed with Photoshop. It was nice to be able to spend a few hours learning something new without any interruptions, and without having to leave it to do something else. This afternoon and evening, I caught up with some DVDs I wanted to watch.

The only downside is I’ve got some sort of cold thingy. Runny nose, nasty cough that starts at waist level, that sort of thing, mutter.

Having an early night now, as I’m tired again. Old age, etc…