Family Guy Season 4 DVD

And about time, too. Family Guy is back after what seems like ages. Well, it has been a few years. It was cancelled after the third season, and that seemed to be that. But it seems the DVDs sold very well, and reruns were popular too, and so a new series was commissioned. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

The first two seasons were shown on Sky One in the UK, but I think they didn’t quite realise what they were getting, and seemed to lose interest in showing the third season. BBC2 bought the rights, and showed season 3 last year in variable, easily missed late night slots. Just the way to build an audience. So, if you want to watch season 4, this is pretty much the only way to be sure of seeing it all. And now the show is being made with the DVD in mind, I’m pleased to say that the more filthy language is present in all its unbleeped glory, just the way it should be. :bouncy: :lol:

But I can see I’ve lost some of you. What is Family Guy, anyway? Well, if you’re asking that, you must have missed my last Family Guy review. But to summarise, it’s a cartoon sitcom based around a nicely dysfunctional American family. Comparisons with The Simpsons are obviously hard to avoid, but Family Guy is quite different, altogether cruder, meaner and more surreal. I love it. :grin:

In the opening episode North By North Quahog, we’re treated to a demented parody of North By Northwest, and from there it only gets sillier, ruder and funnier.

Extra features include some commentaries, a very nicely put together documentary and some deleted scenes (at least one of which – a completely Dagenham[1] musical number – is almost worth the price of the set on its own).

It’s great fun, and I recommend it highly.

[1] Well past Barking.[2]
[2] It’s led by Brian, the family dog, which is why I used that line :laugh:

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