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Now you see it…

Preparations for the demolition of Westgate House are coming along nicely, it seems. Its ugly bulk is now hiding behind some quite tasteful[1] sheeting, scaffolding is surrounding its base, and barrier have been constructed to keep people from walking under the overhanging bit on the traffic island.

Looks better this way

Looks better this way

I did wonder if they were planning a David Copperfield-style magic approach. You know, hide it behind the sheeting, then whip away the sheeting and look, there it isn’t! :lol: But apparently, that would have been too expensive, or would have violated the laws of physics, or something, so it will be a slower job.

[1] Compared to Westgate House, that is

Hard-Fi – Cash Machine video

I mentioned Hard-Fi some time back. I still listen to the album and I’m looking forward to them producing some new material. Anyway, I was having a look at YouTube in search of something to test a new plugin, and I found the video for Cash Machine. It’s good fun in the style of a silly crime caper movie. And if the plugin works, you’ll be able to watch it here:

David’s comment reminded me that there was another video for this track. Unlike the one above, this hasn’t been officially placed on YouTube, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this one disappears at some point. In this version, the guys are (as David mentioned) working inside the cash machine. All good fun, and still ending with Richard Archer saying “knickers”, which is soooooo British :lol: Anyway, until such a time as it gets deleted by YouTube, here it is:

Oh where, oh where have my tuits gone?

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to get it together to post anything much at the moment. I’ve been a bit lacking in motivation, or something. Maybe it’s the after-effects of working last weekend, and having a lot to do this week[1]. Or the warm weather. Or, errr, the price of cuttlefish. Or some such randomly-generated excuse.

I’ve been forgetting to shave again. Possibly for the same reasons. Or not.

Forgetting to shave

Forgetting to shave

[1] Mutter, staff holidays, mutter

And I’m back

London was hot. Sunny. And full of people. But I did get done pretty much everything I planned to do, trains ran on time, and I’m home again, so that’s not so bad.

I’ll be catching up with the regular nonsense – including a quite shocking backlog of Doctor Who reviews – over the next couple of days. Try to contain your excitement.

I’ve been badgered again

That cheeky rascal[1] Aaron says he found this test somewhere. I have my doubts, but here are the results

You Are No More Les Than A Badger Is!

“Badger, Badger”

You are about as likely to be Les as a Badger.

You enjoy badgering too much.

You like to think you are a Les, but are infact more of a Badger. Your best friend is a snake! Aaarrrghhhh its a snake!!!!

Update: There used to be a picture there, but he deleted it!

[1] That’s the polite version

That’s outrageous!

I knew I shouldn’t have started on these silly quiz thingies. Look what this one’s saying about me! Can you believe it?!!?

You Are Oscar the Grouch

Grumpy and grouchy, you aren’t just pessimistic. You revel in your pessimism.
You are usually feeling: Unhappy. Unless it’s rainy outside, and even then you know the foul weather won’t last.
You are famous for: Being mean yet loveable. And you hate the loveable part.
How you life your life: As a slob. But it’s not repelling as many people as you’d like!


Well, having started forgetting to forget to shave, today I forgot that I was thinking of letting my hair grow a bit. Well, that’s not strictly true, actually. I sort of started letting it grow in conjunction with the forgetting to shave thing. It had just got to the point where actual work was required each morning – gel and even a comb :eek2: :uhoh: had to be deployed[1]. Now if I was going to try to grow it longer, I’d have had to have it cut and thinned out and generally sorted out on a fairly frequent basis. That’s because my hair grows really thickly. It tends to grow outwards rather than downwards. Anyway, I decided that today was the day for a trim. But when it came down to it, I decided I couldn’t really be bothered with having high-maintenance hair and reverted to my usual 3-2-1[3].

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

And that concludes this exciting report. Anyone still awake? :sleepy:

[1] Good word, that. Slightly silly use of it, but this is a slightly silly[2] site.
[2] But if concentrate and work hard, I’m sure I can make it very silly :grin:
[3] That’s the clippers used on the top, and working down the back and sides, not an old TV game show