Daily Archives: Friday, 2nd Jun 2006

Heading in the right direction

This morning’s weight was down to 208.0 pounds (14 stone 12 pounds, 94.3kg), which is a bit better. It probably won’t last, though.

Today, I went to my local art gallery. The Shipley is a small, but actually quite impressive gallery located about five minutes walk from Losing it[1] HQ. But what with one thing and another, I only seem to go there once or twice a year. This is not a Good Thing at all, as the gallery has a large art collection, and they change the selection that’s on show quite often. For instance, there’s a rather nice (and large) Tintoretto on show at present, while the Canaletto I’ve admired on a previous visit was conspicuous by its absence.

After that, I went into Newcastle, where I went to the better known, and larger Laing Art Gallery, which also had some good work on show.