Daily Archives: Saturday, 3rd Jun 2006

Still not getting it together

Whatever “it” may be. Possibly it’s the “it” that would make me start exercising again, and even remembering to post updates here more frequently, rather than catching once or twice a week[1]. Anyway, Saturday’s “nearly the end of a week off” weight was 209.0 pounds (14 stone 13 pounds, 94.8kg). Quite shocking and all that.

On the other hand, I have been moderately active, in that I’ve started a bit of tidying up around the house. You know the sort of thing – picking up those various piles of things that you don’t quite get round to sorting out. Funny, I had one random pile that appears to have been there for about two years[3]. And it’s best not to mention the old telephone directories which were going back about five years. No idea why I kept all those – I never use the things…

This week’s Doctor Who was the first of a two-parter, so you’ll have to wait for a review. So there. :tongue:

[1] Which must be fun for anyone[2] subscribing to the email updates
[2] Hi Twisty!!! Hi Michèle!!!
[3] Archaeological evidence :wink: