Can I just point out…

…that I am not growing a beard, no matter what rumours you may have heard, or what you think you might be seeing in any alleged photographs. Growing a beard would require far too much decisiveness, and I really couldn’t make my mind up to do anything of the kind. On the other hand, I am occasionally forgetful, and I do seem to keep forgetting to shave.

Not a beard

Not a beard

That is all. Updates on my alleged facial hair may follow as events progress. Updates on this site that I seem to have not got round to for the last few days may also follow, and will, in the usual quite confusing way, be backdated and will appear earlier in the site chronology than this report. If you’re reading this later, this won’t affect you, but if you’re an early adopter, you may suffer confusion and disorientation. In some cases[1], this will not be significantly different from your normal[2] condition, so there is no cause for alarm.

[1] Hi Twisty! :tongue:
[2] For an arbitrarily “ab” value of “normal”

8 thoughts on “Can I just point out…

  1. Twisty

    It suits you well and looks very good. Though different. Waitaminute….I know why you grew that…errr….forgot to shave. You got tired of everyone telling you you looked like Simon Cowell.

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