Summer is still here

There must be some mistake. It’s been another warm, sunny day. There was a bit of cloud at lunchtime, but it went away while I was in the bank[1]. Will this continue? Who knows? I suppose I could look at the long-term weather forecast, but I prefer my fiction a little bit more believable than that.

This morning’s weight was an unusually high 210.8 pounds (15 stone 0.8 pounds, 95.6kg) for the benefit of anyone who really likes to know that sort of thing. And I forgot to shave again.

Oh, and I have to mention that my assistant Aaron has started a new weblog. He may even keep posting to this one for a while. Check out eskiblog and see what he’s up to.[2]

[1] Paying in the last instalment of the contents of my penny jar, if you must know
[2] That’s one incoming link for you, Aaron. I hope you appreciate it! :wave: