What a difference a day makes…

Well, it was like this, you see. This morning, I looked at the state of my forgetting to shave and realised that if I was going to carry on forgetting to shave, I’d have to remember to perform some minor maintenance. Trimming, even. And I started to do just that. But then it occurred to me that this was going to be far too much effort. Shaving completely is something I’ve been doing for long enough that I can do on autopilot[1]. But trimming would require concentration and a steady hand. All too much like work, really. And as the Grizzly Adams look isn’t quite what I’m after, I ended up removing the lot.

Beard? What beard?

Beard? What beard?

And here you have it. Back to being smooth and almost tidy.

[1] Electric shaver, do it by touch while wandering around the house, that kind of thing

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