Now you see it…

Preparations for the demolition of Westgate House are coming along nicely, it seems. Its ugly bulk is now hiding behind some quite tasteful[1] sheeting, scaffolding is surrounding its base, and barrier have been constructed to keep people from walking under the overhanging bit on the traffic island.

Looks better this way

Looks better this way

I did wonder if they were planning a David Copperfield-style magic approach. You know, hide it behind the sheeting, then whip away the sheeting and look, there it isn’t! :lol: But apparently, that would have been too expensive, or would have violated the laws of physics, or something, so it will be a slower job.

[1] Compared to Westgate House, that is

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  1. Les Post author

    Dunno. I’d suggest searching the web for answers, but goooogling on Westgate House demolition doesn’t return much. At the time of writing this, the top two hits are on this site :bouncy:

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