Daily Archives: Wednesday, 5th Jul 2006

I seem to be catching up

Hmmm. Funny how the mood strikes me sometimes[1]. For the last few weeks, I’ve hardly posted anything at all, and now this morning, I’ve made four posts in a row. Or five, if you count this one.

This one is just to update anyone who likes to know about that sort of thing on the Les facial hair situation. The current plan involves trimming once at the weekend, then letting it grow again all week. Unless I decide to do something different.

Shave? Or not shave?

Shave? Or not shave?

Watch out for more Losing it[1] stuff soon!

[1] Readers subscribing to email updates will be wondering what hit them this morning, too :wave:

And so it begins

BBC News reports that the final demolition of Westgate House has begun. As I’ve mentioned previously, this is going to be a long, slow job. The building is going to be taken down brick by brick over the next few months.

Losing it[1] will be sending our star photographer[1] at more or less regular intervals to record the job for our[2] readers.

[1] Err, that’s me. This editorial “we” business is obviously going to my head. I’m going to have to tell myself that I’m not going to take any of that nonsense from myself, so there. Not sure how I’ll take it, though :rolleyes:
[2] Yes, yes. See previous footnote. :laugh:


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’ll be getting to those overdue Doctor Who reviews very soon. Maybe even before Saturday’s season finale.

Some ludicrous excesses of excitement may follow. You have been warned.

Also coming up will be more on the demolition of Westgate House :grin: , and if things go to plan, some new toys :bouncy: :bouncy:

Doctor Who – New assistant named

Well, it’s no secret now that Billie Piper is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the current series :cry: – which is next Saturday :eek2: . And now that’s been revealed, the BBC have decided it’s time to let us know who’ll be travelling with the Doctor[1] next year :bouncy: .

Having managed a change of Doctor this year, a change of companion should be a minor challenge for the mind-boggling talents of Russell T Davies[2], but Rose Tyler is going to be a hard act to follow. Things are likely to be a wee bit different. But probably much the same, as well. :uhoh:

[1] Still played by the excellent David Tennant
[2] My hero, etc.[3] He’s Welsh :cymru: , too. :smile:
[3] Quite bonkers, of course. In a good way :cool:

25 Peeps: shameless self-promotion

Oooooh. I’d actually forgotten about this, but a while ago, I submitted Losing it[1] to the 25peeps.com site. It’s a bit of harmless fun, really. Sites are represented by pictures of their owners. People visiting the site click on the pictures to be taken to the sites in question. The more clicks a site gets, the longer it stays on the front page. Anyway, they must have caught up on several squillion[1] submissions, as we[2] are now[3] on the page. Have a look and click on some of the other happy smiling faces – you never know what you might discover…

[1] An arbitrarily high number
[2] Well, me. There is only one picture, and it’s me. Sorry about that
[3] At this moment, it’s on as a “new submission” and near the top :grin: