25 Peeps: shameless self-promotion

Oooooh. I’d actually forgotten about this, but a while ago, I submitted Losing it[1] to the 25peeps.com site. It’s a bit of harmless fun, really. Sites are represented by pictures of their owners. People visiting the site click on the pictures to be taken to the sites in question. The more clicks a site gets, the longer it stays on the front page. Anyway, they must have caught up on several squillion[1] submissions, as we[2] are now[3] on the page. Have a look and click on some of the other happy smiling faces – you never know what you might discover…

[1] An arbitrarily high number
[2] Well, me. There is only one picture, and it’s me. Sorry about that
[3] At this moment, it’s on as a “new submission” and near the top :grin:

4 thoughts on “25 Peeps: shameless self-promotion

  1. Les Post author

    Yes, I dropped off after about 18 hours, apparently. I’ll think about resubmitting a more interesting picture. That will be after the plastic surgery, of course. :laugh:

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