AOL – There is no escape

Many years ago[1], I took the foolhardy step of signing up for a trial account with the dreaded AOHell[2]. I’m not sure why I did it. Maybe it was because I had a new computer and modem to play with, or maybe I was suffering from temporary insanity[3]. Anyway, I took a quick look, and decided I’d rather use a normal ISP that didn’t use bizarre custom software. So I cancelled the account. I only had to argue with the rep briefly. Nowhere near as long as this guy:

One of the finest examples of “customer service” I’ve ever seen…

Thanks to This is Broken for that one. :wave:

[1] Err, nine or ten years, anyway, but that’s centuries in internet time
[2] Hi Ickle David :wave: I did warn you…
[3] As opposed to my permanent inanity :lol:

4 thoughts on “AOL – There is no escape

  1. Les Post author

    Thanks :smile: My characteristically incoherent and excitable review of the last two Doctor Who episodes will follow soon. Well, soon-ish. :rolleyes:

  2. David

    weeeelll, they have been ok to me recently. When I even mentioned cancelling (bluffing btw) they gave me a free wireless router, x4 upgrade five weeks early and a month free.
    And as I mentioned AOL was just the quickest one to get around here, I cant have telewest.

    that guy was lucky btw, the majority of the customer service reps are foreign now lol

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