Doctor Who – Fear Her

Hmmmm. I think I detect the influence of the classic children’s book Marianne Dreams[1] somewhere in the background of this story.

Anyway, the Doctor takes Rose to London on 2012 – just in time for the Olympics. In an apparently normal suburban street, something is very wrong. Children are disappearing. Car engines fail for no readily apparent reason. And in her bedroom, Chloe, a lonely young girl is obsessively drawing. And there’s something nasty in the wardrobe.

The Doctor and Rose investigate – and find that Chloe has been affected by an alien being that is itself desperately lonely. So lonely, that it is, err, drawing people in to join it. Everyone that Chloe draws disappears from the world and becomes trapped in the drawing. And as the alien is of a kind that normally travels in groups containing billions of individuals, the whole population of the Earth is in danger.

The Doctor finds a way to allow the alien to rejoin its race[2], and everyone who was trapped in the drawings is returned to reality.

This episode was a kind of quiet breathing space before the BIG HEAVY STUFF to follow. As they walk away from the street, Rose asks the Doctor if they’ll always be together. He doesn’t answer directly, but instead says

There’s a storm coming

And so there is.

[1] Or the TV version Escape into night, or even the movie Paperhouse
[2] It involves some very unlikely activity with the Olympic Torch :eek2:

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