Doctor Who – Love and Monsters

Now this was an altogether different episode. Russell T Davies himself[1] described it as “experimental”, which is a sign of how confident he and his colleagues are now. Yup, they can take a few risks with the format. The main difference is that the Doctor and Rose are hardly in it at all.

The story is told in a mixture of a video diary and flashbacks related by a young man called Elton Pope. Elton saw the Autons[2], saw the Slytheen ship crash[3] and the Sycorax ship[4]. He’s done some research, and he knows about the mysterious alien known as “The Doctor”. He’s even encountered him – when he was about four years old, he awoke in the night to find the Doctor in his house. And more recently, he saw the Doctor and Rose dealing with a rather unfriendly looking creature[5].

He makes contact with a few like-minded people, and they form a group, which after some dithering, they call “London Investigators ‘N’ Detective Agency” – LINDA. At first, they seriously discuss the Doctor, but soon diversify, and eventually become just a bunch of friends hanging out and having fun. Nice.

Then, their lives are transformed when they are joined by Victor Kennedy, who immediately begins to take charge of the group and make them concentrate on the Doctor. Elton is assigned to track down the girl (who we know to be Rose) who has been seen with the Doctor. In a suitably silly coincidental manner, he encounters Rose’s mum Jackie, and they start to form a friendship. It’s quite obvious that Jackie fancies the pants off Elton, though he appears to be quite oblivious to this.

Soon, member of the group start to disappear – coincidentally[6] after having a “private word” with Kennedy.

Is Kennedy what he seems to be? Will any members of LINDA still be around at the end? Is upsetting Rose’s mum really the worst thing anyone can do? Will the Doctor arrive just in time?

All of these questions are answered, in a nicely bonkers manner.

It was interesting to see the Doctor and Rose through other eyes for one story – and to get an idea of the impact they have on the people they meet. Good fun.

[1] All hail the great Russell :wave:
[2] In the 2005 series opener “Rose”
[3] “Aliens of London”
[4] “The Christmas Invasion”
[5] This did involve what can only be described as a “Scooby Doo” style chase in and out of rooms in a corridor. I understand some reviewers hated this. I loved it. :bouncy:
[6] Or not :grin: