Well, well, well. Motivation, or something

Regular readers[1] will have noticed a lack of weight and exercise reports of late. As you might have gathered, the lack of exercise for most of the year so far has led to my weight creeping inexorably[2] upward. And as I wasn’t doing anything that would improve matters[3], posting daily weight updates seemed a bit pointless, not to mention depressing.

It reached a point where I gave myself a complete week off – that was the week beginning June 26. I took the bus to and from work every day, and even ate mass-market chocolate :eek2: . After that, I think I turned a corner.[4] Last week, I walked to and from work every day, and I started to catch up on posting things here.

This morning I managed to get round to most of those long-overdue Doctor Who reviews, which I hadn’t been able to motivate myself to get round to for, oooooh, ages.

And this evening, I managed some long-overdue exercise! Nothing spectacular, just five minutes (with a break) on the rowing machine on its lowest tension setting, followed by a total of 140 crunches on the abominable abdominal exerciser. Now if I can manage to build on that, I might make some progress.

I may even start posting weight reports again. But don’t hold me to that. :tongue:

[1] At a rough count, that’s about, err, well, not very many
[2] Nice word, that :tongue:
[3] I even lapsed into getting the bus to work :eek2:
[4] That’s one of those metaphor thingies