Puff, pant, etc

Well, after yesterday’s small start, I managed to do some more of the exercise thingy today. It was a warm, sunny morning, and my walk to work was made more, err, interesting by the weight of the laptop in my backpack.

I gave up on the walk home at Gateshead Metro, as it was raining a bit, and I suspected that it might get a lot heavier by the time I got home. Naturally, as I caught the bus, the rain gave up. Mutter.

After a bit of a rest, I decided to do some more serious exercise. I managed 8 minutes on the rowing machine, 160 of the crunch thingies and 5km on the exercise bike. My peak heart rate for all that was 149, which isn’t bad at all for a start.

My intention is to slowly build up the exercise routine again, without overdoing it…

More reports when there’s something to report.