Minor trip report

Just to satisfy the curiosity of the thousands[1] of Losing it[1] readers who’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, here’s a brief report.


Busy day. Too much running around dealing with things to get anything done. Only just managed to leave the office in time to catch the train I was booked on. Catching a later one wouldn’t have been too bad, but I might have struggled to get a seat. Not good. Anyway, I got to the platform a couple of minutes before the train arrived. I’d positioned myself in just the right position to be by the correct door. I got on, walked through the little corridor bit and into the carriage. Funny, the lights were off and all the blinds were down. And it was HOT. No, really hot. It would seem that the air-conditioning had died. I stayed in there for all of thirty seconds before deciding to find another seat, on the grounds that staying in there for the ninety minute journey to Leeds might be slightly unpleasant[2] :uhoh:

Fortunately, there were plenty of free seats elsewhere, complete with functioning air-conditioning. The train arrived in Leeds more or less on time, and I walked the short distance to the Leeds Novotel, where I’ve been quite a few times before. Checked in, found my room. All very nice – big room, with lots of space; usable desk; huuuuuge comfortable bed and a good bathroom. Rested for a while, checked some email[3] before going to dinner at a nearby Pizza Express.

Returned to the hotel and went to bed.


Woke up early, showered, had a good breakfast and headed to the office. Went with a colleague to a Top Secret Location[4], where we met Someone Else who was there to install some Special Equipment for us. After various trials and tribulations, we got things mostly working the way we wanted and left the location. Apparently, today has been the hottest July day since 1911. I managed to spend most of it in a very nicely chilled data centre.

Got back to Leeds in time to catch a much later train than I’d planned. Which turned up ten minutes late. Got home.

Exciting stuff, innit? :tongue:

[1] :lol: :laugh:
[2] Slight understatement :eek2:
[3] Wireless internet
[4] Not quite, but it’s pretty damn secure :cool: