Nationwide Mercury Prize

Yes, it’s that time again – the nominees for the 2006 Nationwide Mercury Prize[1] have been announced, and of the twelve albums on the shortlist, three have been mentioned here, which shows the enormous influence my witterings have on the music industry[2]. Those albums come from:

And if you read my reviews, you’ll know that I’d be delighted to see any of those win. If I was forced to pick just one, then today’s answer is Guillemots. But ask me another day, and you’ll quite likely get a different answer.

Also on the list are albums I’ve heard, but not listened to enough to review from Richard Hawley and Muse. And I haven’t heard Tom Yorke’s solo album yet. I don’t know much about the other nominees. Well, Scritti Politi is a name from the distant past, but I haven’t caught up with what Green Gartside is doing these days.

Expect either a “woo hoo” or a “what the photon were they thinking of???” post when the result is announced later in the year.

[1] It used to be the Mercury Music Prize when it was sponsored by long since gone (renamed? taken over? who remembers?) telco Mercury
[2] Hey, at least my delusions are mostly harmless!

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