Daily Archives: Thursday, 20th Jul 2006

Turned out warm again…

Funny day, weather wise. This morning was very cloudy and grey. Still quite warm, but nothing like as hot as the last few days. It even rained a bit at lunchtime, shock, horror, sensation, etc.

But by the time it came to walk home, the clouds had all gone and it was nice and sunny, without the blistering heat we’ve had lately.

I’m taking another night off the exercise thingy, and I’ll probably be too busy tomorrow night[1]. So I aim to start again on Saturday. No, really. I mean it. And that will be the beginning of a week off, so I should have plenty of time and be nicely relaxed and able to do more exercise. We shall see…

A moderate weight fluctuation today.

[1] Assuming something happens as planned[2]
[2] More pointless suspense :tongue: