Weeeeeeeek off!

Hmm, no change in my weight this morning, but never mind. IT was another warm sunny day – quite different from yesterday’s grey start, which made this morning’s walk generally pleasant if a bit hot.

As usual when taking a week off, I found myself with quite a lot to do today (which was very frustrating, as I’d have been much happier playing with my new camera[1]), but never mind[2]. The work day came to an end soon enough, and I took my toys home.

Over the next week, I aim to do most of the following:

  • Go to the South Tyneside coast, especially Souter Lighthouse
  • Visit the Roman fort at South Shields
  • Go to the North Tyneside coast, especially St Mary’s Lighthouse[3]
  • Visit Tynemouth Priory
  • Go to York
  • Take some pictures of buildings in and around Newcastle[4]
  • Firtle with the resulting images in Photoshop and put the results on show
  • Relax a bit
  • Not keep up with work email :smile:

Most of those offer opportunities for me to learn to use the 30D properly. Or at least start learning to use it properly.

Watch this space…

[1] Did I mention that I have a new camera? :grin:
[2] Again
[3] No, I haven’t developed a lighthouse fetish
[4] I have a few targets in mind

3 thoughts on “Weeeeeeeek off!

  1. Twisty

    Sounds like a pleasant way to break in the new toy. Don’t forget it also has a self-timer – I’d suggest you practice using it by taking pics of yourself in your pics.

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