50 Greatest Comedy Sketches

Well, I suppose it’s been a while since the last one. It’s another one of Channel 4’s Sunday night “50 Greatest…” shows. It’s the usual sort of thing – lots of people talking about either their own work or (in generally admiring terms) other people’s, a voice-over by Tom Baker[1], and lots of classic TV comedy clips from Monty Python, Not the Nine O’Clock News, Morecambe and Wise and many, many more.

As ever, it’s based on some arbitrary poll or other (they never say how many people responded…), and the order is of no real relevance, but it’s a great opportunity to show some good 9and it has to be said, not so good) stuff.

I may add a note of whatever the Number One sketch turns out to be…

[1] Yes, former Doctor Who :smile:

One thought on “50 Greatest Comedy Sketches

  1. Les Post author

    Oh yes, I forgot to update this….

    The top-rated sketch was from Little Britain, a show I’ve watched once or twice, but never really got into. It is one of those phenomena that generates popular catch phrases and the like, so it’s probably just me.

    Second place went to Monty Python’s Dead Parrot, which is much more my kind of thing.

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