Daily Archives: Monday, 24th Jul 2006

A trip to York

I decided to go to York today. I walked to the station and got there in good time to catch a Virgin train at 11:22. Once I got to York, I went straight to the National Railway Museum (or NRM to its friends). At the NRM, photography is not merely allowed, it’s actively encouraged, which is just as well as I had my 30D with me. After a short look around, with a pause for a sausage (inna bun![1]), I went for a walk around the city walls, ending up near Clifford’s Tower.

Some more general wandering followed, stopping off at York Minster, the Museum Gardens and other such places. I then went back to the NRM for a ride on the Yorkshire Wheel, which was a suitable opportunity to have a play with the Sigma 70-300mm zoom, before switching back to the Canon lens for the last rotation.

Finally, I wandered back into the NRM Great Hall for some more train pictures – the light had changed, which made it easier to get some of the pictures I was after. And now I have a good reason for moving beyond using the Canon in full auto mode.

The first picture is a classic example of the camera’s Very Clever Stuff being fooled. It’s picked up on the bright headlights of the Bullet Train, and so it’s left the rest of the picture looking too dark.



I’ve brightened it up in Photoshop, but if I’d been playing with some settings, I could have got it right in the first place. I’ll get to work on that…



Talking of Photoshop, I need to do some work with yesterday’s pictures as well as today’s.

I forgot to mention my weight yesterday[2], but as it was the same as today’s, that doesn’t really matter. Mind you, all that walking in the hot sun must have melted me a bit, as I was nearly three pounds lighter when I got home – I’m sure that went up after the large volume of iced water I drank, though.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the pictures:

[1] I don’t think the guy cooking them on the NRM’s barbecue was CMOT Dibbler, but you never know….
[2] All the photographic excitement, or something