Daily Archives: Tuesday, 25th Jul 2006

South Tyneside Walk

Today, I went to South Shields. I haven’t been there for years, but it used to be a fairly regular starting point for a good walk. After a brief visit to the Arbeia Roman Fort, I started my usual walk over the cliff-top path that leads to the really quite splendid Souter Lighthouse, passing by the not-quite-as-splendid as it used to be Marsden Rock.

After a tour of the lighthouse, I stopped for a late lunch and a pot of Earl Grey tea (it just seemed like the right thing to have). I then continued to walk southwards. Somehow, I kept going all the way to Sunderland, which made it quite a long walk. Then I got the Metro home.

It was warm and sunny all day, if a little hazy. But there was a very pleasant breeze blowing, so it didn’t feel as hot as it might have done. Of course, that fooled me into not realising that my bare arms were getting a bit scorched. :duh:

The pictures you can currently see in the gallery have had no processing done on them at all, which is why some of them look, err, naff. This is mainly because I was having fun with manual settings. I may get the hang of them one day :laugh: .

This morning’s weight was well down on yesterday. On getting home after that long walk it was even lower, but I don’t expect that to last.

The weather forecast has changed since I last looked – apparently tomorrow is going to be much the same as today. Not sure what I’ll get up to yet…

Aberfeldy – Young Forever

This is a slightly late review – I bought this CD when it came out in 2004, listened to it a few times, then got distracted by other things. I was reminded about it (and its recently released follow-up) when I saw the band playing outside the Sage on Sunday afternoon, and I’ve been giving it a few plays since then. Two years on, and the standout track for me is still the single Heliopolis by Night, an only slightly bonkers tale of being abducted by aliens. The rest of the album is a bit more sensible, and shows off the instrumental and vocal talents of the band. I’m not sure how to describe their sound – it’s a vaguely softish folky sort of thing for the most part. Quite a relaxed sort of music, featuring at various times fiddle, mandolin and glockenspiel as well as the more usual guitar, bass and drums.

Vocal duties are shared between guitarist Riley Briggs (who also did most of the chat at the show), Ruth Barrie (also plays various keyboard thingies) and Sarah McFayden (who does the fiddling and mandolining[1]), and it all fits together in a very pleasing and mellow manner.

If you like people like, oooh, say Ben Kweller, you might also appreciate this.

[1] Yes, I did make that word up, but it seemed to fit :tongue: