A relaxed day

After all the walking over the last couple of days, I decided to have a bit of a rest today. So, I took it easy this morning, and just went to Tesco’s for some supplies, then came straight home.

This gave me the time to finish reading a book and watch the extras on a Doctor Who DVD. And to write about those things, too.

This morning’s weight was the same as yesterdays, which I’m happy with for now.

Now here’s an interesting thing – my motivation for writing all this senseless stuff does seem to vary a lot. For instance, for most of last month, I really couldn’t be bothered at all, and in fact at one point I contemplated taking an actual break from it. But this month, I’ve been posting more than I have for ages. With a reasonable chunk of July still to go, I’ve already done more than in any month since January (and that was another full month).

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll be going to North Tyneside…