Aberfeldy – Do Whatever Turns You On

And here it is – the follow up to Young Forever. This album came out earlier this month – I downloaded it from Napster at the time, but I hadn’t got round to listening to it until I was reminded of its existence when I saw them playing outside the Sage on Sunday.

So, what’s the new one like, then? Well, for the most part, it sounds a lot like the last one – there might be a bit more prominent use of guitar on some tracks, but overall the style is more of the same. And that’s a Good Thing in this case.

It’s early days, but tracks which are gradually burrowing into my brain include Uptight, 1970s and Whatever turns you on.

I could babble on about lyrics and the like, but let’s just say that this is enjoyable music that’s growing on me more with each listen. Give it a try – you might enjoy it.