Exercise and weight report

Well, after a couple of low-activity days, it’s not surprising that my weight has crept back up a bit. And I have been drinking huuuuuuuuuuuge amounts of iced water these last few days, so I’ve probably put back the loss due to dehydration. On the other hand, I still weigh less than I did last week, so maybe all that walking is having some effect.

On the exercise front, I’m limiting that to walking for now – I won’t attempt anything more intense until the temperature drops a bit. I want to get fitter without actually killing myself…

2 thoughts on “Exercise and weight report

  1. Andy

    In an attempt to get fit, we ended up getting an exercise bike, almost ended up kiling myself dragging it upstaires, let alone cycling it in an already hot room…

    So thankful for the rain to cool things down a bit..

  2. Les Post author

    Heh heh – I had the near death experience when I took my rowing machine upstairs. I think I survived, though. in fact I’m almost certain I did.

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