Tynemouth Trip

Well, that slight knee problem got progressively worse last night. By the time I went to bed, I was hobbling around like something that hobbles around a lot. It was not at all nice.

But a good night’s sleep later, and my knee was back to normal. I guess it was just a delayed reaction to walking too far on Tuesday, or something. Or just random wossnameness.

So I took the Metro to Tynemouth today. The weather forecast had been making vague threats of storms, and when I left Losing it[1] HQ, there were some ominous clouds gathering. But by the time I got to the coast, the sky was almost completely clear. Yes, it turned out to be another glorious day. And unlike Tuesday, when I was in South Tyneside, there was no haze – as you’ll see in some of the pictures, the view in all directions was quite something.

I’ve been meaning to go to Tynemouth Priory for ages – it’s been a few years since my last visit. The Priory is your usual kind of ruin, with some extras – the remnants of a castle, a World War I gun battery, and a location that provides a stunning view of the coastline.

I wandered around for about an hour and a half, taking loads of pictures[1] of the Priory ruins and of the view. After a while, I switched lenses and played with that 70-300mm zoom. Just to see what it could do, I focused on the lighthouse on St Mary’s Island, a few miles to the north. I also had a look at Souter Lighthouse, which I visited on Tuesday. It’s a bit hard to judge on the camera’s screen, especially in strong sunlight, but as it turned out, the results weren’t too bad at all, thanks to there being enough light for the camera to get an image without blurring it as my hands shook[2]. After a few more zoomy shots, I switched back to the normal lens for a few more pictures. I even caught a North Sea Ferry on its way out to sea.

After leaving the Priory, I walked along the North Pier which marks the entrance to the Tyne, and took some more pictures of the coast, the sea, and some rocks. I like the pattern of light on some of the rocks :smile:

Then I took a short stroll to the Collingwood Monument. By then I was more than ready for some lunch. As luck would have it, the first suitable location was a pub, where I had a quite nice cheese and pickle sandwich and a glass of something cold and wet[3].

I had considered going to St Mary’s Island as well, but having overdone things on Tuesday, and having had knee problems, I decided that another lighthouse visit wouldn’t be a good idea today. I’ll aim to go there one weekend.

So after that, I came home. As before, the pictures you can see haven’t had any Photoshop TLC as yet, which is why some of them look washed out, others look a wee bit dark and lots need straightening, cropping, chopping or in extreme cases, deleting. Watch out for updates when I get round to fixing them!

[1] Having a 1GB card in the camera, and a spare in my bag means I don’t have to worry about running out of room, which is what happened to me on my Edinburgh trip. It also helped that I was shooting in JPG only – no RAW images today…
[2] At 300mm, I could see that I wasn’t holding the camera as rigidly as I might…
[3] The word “beer” comes to mind

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